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Big Mo, Kody Mommaerts, Model, Sam's Tailor, Roshan Melwani
Sam's Tailor Logo, Hong Kong, Suits, Model

Big Mo x Sam's Tailor

Sam's Tailor is the premier store for custom and bespoke suits in Hong Kong. Led by Master Tailor and Clothier Roshan Melwani, Sam's Tailor outfits Big Mo with his in-ring wardrobe. In collaboration with fashion photographer JJ Constantine, Big Mo also models these suits at Void Studios in Denver, CO. All of the suits for Big Mo are 1 of 1.

Southern Scholar
Dress Socks

Southern Scholar makes premium, high quality dress socks for men. In a variety of colors and patterns Southern Scholar will help enhance any outfit. Big Mo modeled some of their color ways in 2021.

Big Mo, Model, Southern Scholar, Socks, Dress socks
Southern Scholar logo, dress socks
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